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For those of you who have followed my work, I’ve been teaching a course called “Energy Economics” which lays out the fundamentals of energy flow and how we can leverage qi gong and meditation to gain more energy and clarity in life. I teach this in a 2 day format and people have loved the course. I’ll be teaching this in front of a live studio audience on Oct 29-30 in San Francisco, CA and am opening up the LIVE STUDIO AUDIENCE to 10 more people from my personal tribe.


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Looking within

I was reading some of my esoteric doctrines on Hermetic Philosophy lately and ran into a wonderful bit on INTENTION and ATTENTION which I thought worthy of sharing.

Both words come from the Larin verb tendo which means “to stretch”. So we stretch inward or outward with our thought…


“Intention is the voluntary direction of the course of one’s thought toward a selected idea. Ideas are inside, not outside. Thus intention is the movement of a current of energy directed toward an interior point of awareness, an interior center of consciousness. It is a centripital motion, exactly opposite to the centrifugal motion suggested by the word attention

So we stretch inwards towards an idea- towards out internal center of consciousness…an inward spiral of energy.

“Attention is the direction of a current of energy outward toward some thing or condition in our environment. Attention has to do with location in space or time. It is our means of contact with the changing world outside”

Space or time. Time and space. Ahhh…yes the conundrum of our modern world. Time is tight and people are crowding our space. There is so much drawing our energy OUT that it is hard to look within. With the bombardment of our media and perpetual crisis after crisis, the outside world is front and center like an alley cat keeping us from our restful sleep. Everything is vying for our attention.

So which is the chicken and which the egg? Is the world chaotic because we are unsettled from within or have we been drawn away from our inner peace because the world is so distracting? No matter.

Either way the fix is easy (kind of). Directing our INTENTION inwards and making stillness the priority effectively mirrors our world of ATTENTION on the outside to us. In the end, there is no in and out. Its all just one. What we see “out there” is a reflection of our collective inner states.

The Universe came together in a single point before the Big Bang. It congealed then expanded. In Taoism, there can be no “in” without “out”. The only way we can expand is to pull in equally and that’s where the problem is. We live in an “out” culture. Even during the holidays when we are supposed to pull in and rest, we go to party after party and make appearances. We are constantly moving outward with our attention and have no time for meditation or contemplation because we’re on the roller coaster of time and space- the realm of outward attention.

So what now? Try this:

Sit with yourself for 10 minutes every morning. Take the first 5 to calm your mind by following your breath and bringing your intention inward. From here, its really important to count your blessings. We live in a world of “hungry ghosts” and we are always in danger of becoming one of them. Thinking more more more will make us happy. Take a moment to reflect on what really matters- your health, loved ones, roof over the head, and food on the table. Everything beyond our basic needs is a “want”. Not essential but cool to have. Remember this and smile.

Then, start to see your day the way you wish it to go. Feel it. Smell the smells, feel the breeze. Feel how you’d feel after getting that deal or acing that test. Find peace and create a mental map or IDEA of how the day will roll out and then go into the world. You’ll find that many things will vary but, as you get better and better at this, you’ll have much more control over how it unfolds. Be patient!

Waking up is an inside game. The hologram of the world is created within you. Have fun.


With the onset of the the new year, I’ve been working with patients trying to find ways to instill mindfulness in their daily lives. The problem is people think taking time out to meditate for a few minutes is enough to stay calm and not let stress get to them. Not true. Stress is all around us. It is chipping away at our health and taking down our quality of life. A five minute meditation each night isn’t enough to offset what stress does to us.

Mediation is a way of life. Its the way we handle our moments in real time- not making a mess all day and cleaning it up for a few minutes at night. So what can we do to get mindfulness better ingrained into our daily routine?

Here’s something I’ve found to be easy- Every time you have to put the passcode in your phone, stop and take a deep breath to your lower abdomen. That’s it. It’s just enough to pop in the clutch and step out of the daily wave of events one moment at a time. Slowly, it starts to build a habit of awareness and teaches us how we can stop the world and check in regularly with ourselves. This isn’t rocket science but slow and steady is the way of peace.

One thing to note is that you should change your passcode so that there is a new mental cue for you every time you check your phone. There’s nothing like old habits to pull us into our old trances.

Try it out and let me know how it goes.

Meditation is a way of life. The term in often used for a variety of practices and has lost meaning in many ways as many people now seek a meditation pill for their hectic lives. I’ve taught Taoist meditation for several years and have moved further away from dogma of any kind. Why? Because meditation does not require us to sit. It doesn’t require special clothing, nor does it necessarily require us to consciously breathe in any way. These are all techniques. There is nothing wrong with this approach other than the folly of mistaking techniques with actual meditation.

So what is meditation? It is letting ourselves BE the pure consciousness that we are. The practice is not technique oriented but one of letting go. We cultivate qi (chi) or breathe to a spot in the lower abdomen for years so that we can settle into our bodies and calm the mind but this personal cultivation is not the end all. We can’t learn meditation from a book or a series of workshops that teach us to focus our minds because true meditation happens OUTSIDE of the mind. We cannot come from the mind and escape it at the same time. Meditation is that place of eternity where time and space do not exist. When we allow our true nature to simply BE and let go of doing anything, we can slip into this realm of pure consciousness.

So why all of the cultivation? It is a means to an ends but should not be mistaken for what it is doing. We can breathe and feel the chi running through our bodies and we can sit and remember our essential nature through the seeds of our practice while warming our palms and sitting with the Tao.  The benefits of deep breathing are amazing but the process of unfolding has been lost in modern times. In qigong we touch the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth to connect inner circuits and focus our life energy which is great for personal healing and calming the mind. However, if people want to learn about enlightenment, it will require reflection and conscious dedication to the question of what true meditation is. You cannot get this out of a book or a Tai Chi form. You cannot practice methods or store enough chi to gain consciousness. You ARE consciousness so there is nothing to gain short of the gnosis of this very fact.

Life is an amazing journey and if we regularly remind ourselves that much of what we care to gain is actually a fantasy, we can proceed to unlearn what is inhibiting us and actually grow in awareness. The essence of Taoist practice lies in this.

I had the privilege of training Kung Fu with Grandmaster Carl Totton for many years. He’s been at this for quite some time and is an amazing teacher. We got a chance to film him in action a few months back and this segment is a piece from that interview.

Here, he speaks of the essence of the martial arts and Kung Fu in particular. He is highly trained in Shaolin Kung Fu, Kenpo, Lima Lama, Mok Ga, Tai Chi, Ba Gua, Hsing Yi, and a host of other arts. It’s always a pleasure speaking with him and I enjoyed every part except maybe where he was gauging my eyes out :)



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It has been quite the journey over the past year. With the release of Rise and Shine, I had the opportunity to travel the world and meet wonderful people. All the while, we were working on completing my first movie, VITALITY. I’ve had the honor of hanging with some of the coolest and smartest people around and boy has it been fun. Imagine reading the book of someone you admire and then getting to hang out with them in their living room and ask them whatever you’d like…amazing.

So the Tao that can be spoken, is not the eternal Tao. No way. Words cannot convey. Can films? Absolutely not. Are they worth making anyways? 100% I’m very happy with what we’ve done as is serves as a catalyst for normal, average people all around the world to find their inner Vitality and attain true health. This movie will speak to everyone but is designed to motivate and wake up those that have fallen asleep. We’ve all got them…that aunt who identifies with her arthritis, the cousin who’s always promising he’ll watch his diet, the dad who turns red in the face but swears he has no stress…you know- everybody out there.

This project is about empowerment and reaching out to our loved ones with a message of hope. Health is in OUR hands. WE are the only ones that can act on it and WE are the ones that sit at the center of all Vitality. I ask that you help us spread this message and get it out there. Big Pharma and the insurance companies have created a system that’s a scam…trapping people in a medical model that squeezes every last penny out of them before they die. It’s almost like the Matrix except it is very real.

We’ve set up a model where proceeds go back into making our communities stronger. Let’s build a human network together here. I personally am as happy as I’ve ever been. I used to think peace was living in the mountains and doing my Qi Gong. A little meditation by a stream and poofy clouds. That’s wonderful but there’s something very special about being plugged into something you’re passionate about and going for it. Swords are drawn and we are charging. Life is good :)

Here’s the trailer to the movie-

Please help us spread the love and PLEASE please please get involved yourself…make Vitality a part of your life and let’s all thrive together.



Great radio show with Lama Tantrapa- “Secrets of Qi Gong Masters “. We discussed Taoism, Buddhism, meditation, Qi Gong, movies, books, and much more. It was a fun hour and I invite you to check it out.


The Anatomy of Alchemy

I just had the honor of spending time with one of the Abbots of my tradition- Dr. Thomas McCombs. He was teaching about the history of our Tao Tan Pai lineage but there was a particular aside that grabbed my attention. Being a doctor of Osteopathy, Dr. McCombs has extensive experience in both medicine and the Taoist esoteric arts.

He taught me about a particular network of veins called Batson’s Vertebral Plexus. I remember studying this in school but the implications did not strike me at the time. Batson’s plexus is a venous channel which directs blood flow from the pelvis/sacrum back up the spine and up to the brain.

  “The plexus comprises the intracranial-cortical veins, dural sinuses, cavernous sinuses and ophthalmic veins and the vertebral venous plexuses which freely anastomose with the intracranial venous system.”


The end of health as we once knew itThere are many ways to “fix” an old broken train…little tweaks here and there…just enough to make sure the thing keeps moving along so the passengers don’t really get too stirred and start to question what’s going on. You can essentially fool the people into staying ignorant about the inner workings/problems by watching their movies or playing cards. All the while, the engineer knows there’s a very very big problem yet the boss demands that the show must go on. Why? Because there’s money to be made! Lots and lots of money. What the passengers don’t know won’t kill them…well, actually it will but it’ll be a slow and morbid death where they will willingly give up all their money, assets, and freedom just to “get better” which can never happen.

What am I talking about? Healthcare. The broken system which is better called “sickcare” in this country.


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The idea of just sitting around seems very alien to us in the modern world. It seems boring- like a total waste of time. We’ve all got so much to do and not enough time to do it. So why sit around and waste such an already precious commodity that seems to be lacking in all of our lives? Why practice meditation at all?

Meditation is more than a technique- it is a way of life. It is a way for us to see the Universe and “hold audience” for the millions of bits of information that are passing through our minds in any given moment. We can all relate to that…noise everywhere…noise all of the time.

So how do we get rid of that noise? We don’t.

We cannot make the noise go away. It is a reflection of all of the processes of life as the nervous system is firing and communicating with the body all of the time. To stop the noise is to stop life. You’d have to go brain dead and stop your heart. Last I checked, that isn’t a leading wellness practice.

So what’s all this talk about meditation and how it helps calm us down and “stop the noise”? The answer lies in the photo you saw at the beginning of this post. Meditation is about acceptance of Reality. It is about learning to observe phenomena come and go without reacting to them. To meditate is to maintain equanimity in all affairs and to watch circumstances come and go without getting mentally and emotionally attached to them. We cannot stop our minds. (more…)