Winter Solstice Checklist

Here’s a list of things you should consider for this year’s Winter Solstice:

1- Have you closed out your 2011 projects? What things do you not want to carry into 2012? What do you need to finish, schedule in, or simply drop in order to maintain your sanity? How important is it? WHY are you doing it and does it serve you/your family?

2- Have you spent time telling the people you care for that you love them? It doesn’t take long…do it now.

3- Have you slowed down and caught up on your sleep? If not, to bed early and rest as much as you can before the 22nd.

4- Do you know what you want the next year to look like? If not, read this page on GONGS-

5- Have you meditated on where you are in life and sifted through the noise to ask the important question of’ “Who am I?” If not, you’re wasting your time being told who to be by the media…snap out of it.

6- Have you taken on some life/health enhancing practices that you will do the next year? Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong, hiking…just get out there and start living life like you mean it.

7- Did you spent enough time in nature this year? What are your plans to integrate more contact with nature for 2012? Our lack of contact with nature is directly connected to our willingness to look away while others destroy it.

8- Have you closed out energies that no longer serve you? Toxic “friends”, happy hour instead of the gym, the unspoken feud you are having with your spouse…whatever it is that is taking up your mental bandwidth and drawing down your energy…isn’t NOW a good time to drop that crap and get on with living a fully empowered life? You sure ain’t getting any younger and its funny how those things don’t “go away” on their own. Make 2012 about moving through those issues and coming whole.

9- What was your carbon footprint this past year? Can you commit to doing something awesome and bold this year? Here’s a suggestion- NO MORE WATER OUT OF DISPOSABLE PLASTIC BOTTLES. It takes 5x the water in the bottle to MAKE the damned thing and TONS of petroleum in materials and transport. It is absolutely insane. Try this instead-

10- Are you still afraid of dying? Guess what its coming sooner or later and, like any other “problem” you have in life, it ain’t going anywhere if you run from it. Contemplate your mortality and find Who you are. Tap into your fear of death and find your Immortal Self on the other end. Learn to wake up to your essential self and you cannot be leveraged. The world needs you to wake up and be fully empowered in 2012.


What’s it going to be- hero or slave? The world could use you right about now :)

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  • BB

    thank you so much for your time and energy.  I appreciate you my  friend.

  • Franz

    Very sound advice to ponder!  Thanks Pedram!  : )

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Franz! Enjoy the Solstice.

  • Anonymous

    It is an honor to be of service. Funny how reminding people to chill out has become so important in our culture :)

  • Joel Stottlemire

    When I was younger, I really resisted the way my body rose and fell with the seasons.  I would worry that I wasn’t sleeping enough in the spring, and that I was cursed with lethargy in the fall.  Taoism helped me understand that this is my body responding to the natural cycle of the year.  I can’t say that I enjoy the winter dark now but I spend it under blankets with the dog.  I accept the changes. 

  • TaoistPath

    It is what it is. I always think back to caveman and am thankful I have it so good- warm fireplace with dogs all around. Having to set up shelter and fend off wild animals while freezing all night sounds horrible. No wonder animals would find a hiding place and chill out all winter :)

  • Harshlata_malik