Dec 21 marks the Winter Solstice. This is a really important day in Taoist and Shamanic traditions because it marks a critical transition. This is the day where the YIN energy on our planet (Northern hemisphere) is at its highest (longest night) and YANG energy at its lowest (shortest day). [It is the exact opposite for the Southern hemisphere] Essentially, it is the endpoint in the “funnel” or “hour glass” of time as it moves through a 4 dimensional tauroidal field. Let’s take a look to illustrate:

You’ll notice how the Yin and Yang lines come together along the central axis and how they are the furthest apart at the height of their arcs. That’s exactly where we are right now. Here’s another way to look at it:

This is the famous Hour Glass Nebula. You’ll notice that all phenomena in nature are consistent from macro to microcosm and that we are an integral part of that whole system of emanation. Imagine the YIN energy swirling down to the center of the funnel and then the YANG energy emerging from it. That’s the dance of Duality. They intermingle and switch in dominant expression in nature. Yin does not GO AWAY in this model, it simply begins to decrease as the force of Yang increases in direct proportion.

So how does this apply to me you ask? Well…we are currently 6 DAYS away from the Winter Solstice. That means that for the next six days, the Yin energy on our planet is at its strongest and fullest expression culminating on the 21st when it slowly begins to wane with the emergence of the active and charged Yang energy. This is a slow process and transition but an important one. Why? Because this is a great time to catch the Yang wave and ride it into the next cycle. It is a wonderful time to lock in our dreams and aspirations and charge them with the primordial power of Yang energy which is emerging into our sphere. It is a great time to set a GONG and set your intentions for the way you’d like life to go for this next cycle by the way…

So why rest? Here’s the rub. Winter is for hibernation. It is a time to be introspective and to gather all of our Qi so we can recover from the previous season…so we can have the energy and wherewithal to consciously participate in life through the next season and fulfill our heart’s desires. So where’s the rub? Look around you. People spend the tail end of the year getting drunk with coworkers in ridiculous red sweaters and frantically racing through shopping malls looking for plastic things made in China that promise to make our loved ones happy. Nobody actually rests. Any wonder why most Americans are sleep walking through their lives?

This is the time- RIGHT NOW…to stop the world and allow your body and your mind to recover fully from a busy hectic year. Allow your energy to consolidate and wind down and inward with the Yin Qi through the 21st and really think through what you want the next year to look like. You’ll need energy and clarity to get there- neither of which you’ll gather at the stupid mall. NOW is the time to take a physical/mental/spiritual health TIME OUT and tell yourself and your loved ones that it is OK to be lazy. In fact, STRIVE to be lazy through the 21st. Sleep early and sleep in this weekend. Give your body the time and rest it needs to restore itself. Try some meditation or Qi Gong.

You may be thinking- “Dude, its gonna take a hell of a lot more than 6 days to handle my fatigue…” well, sure but that’s like saying you stumbled in from a hike in the Grand Canyon and there’s only half a glass full of water…that’s not enough to quench my thirst so I’m not going to take that sip…

Your body is STARVING for that sip. Take a sip into the healing Qi of Winter and begin the process of recovery and rejuvenation. Do it now. If you can calm your mind and learn to breathe to your lower dantien and Kidneys, you can tap into the Universal Yin Qi which is very strong right now and can really nourish yourself beyond your imagination. That’s where Qi Gong and meditation can help. That takes disconnecting from the world and stepping into your inner realms though. Take 2 hours to shop on for your holiday gifts (get them an Ebook or or better yet make them something with thoughtful intent and love) and then take the next few days off…you owe it to yourself and to your dreams and aspirations.

You will be happy you did. Sweet dreams :)

Here are some free meditation tracks for you if you really don’t know how to chill-

To learn more about Qi Gong, click HERE and you can check out some of our free clips and  Qi Gong DVDs here-

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  • Kelvindewolfe

    Actually it’s solstice and the next three days. It is the most yin time and therefore the most powerful time to make you sleep and slow down.
    We live on a spinning globe, where off the globe it would be daylight, all the time.
    To gain “power” one has to fight this illusion and stay awake, without food or water, while breathing in renewing steam from the sacred grandfather rocks until Xmas morning.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for the input. Yes- there is a 3 day lag as we await the “three kings” to rise in the sky through Dec 25 but, in my opinion, the energy has already shifted but the “clutch” is still in through the 25th. This period is extremely important in its transitional significance.

    The methodology you suggest is an interesting one but there is no “right” practice- just many useful ones from many traditions. In Taoist terms, we must rest and hibernate through the solstice and then meditate and drive steam to the pineal gland in the 3 day period following for alchemical practice for capturing the yang wave and anchoring the power in the base of the spine so we can consciously raise it at will- fully awake and conscious. Sleeping body and sleeping consciousness are far from the same.In regards to fasting for 3 days and performing a particular practice, again, that sounds cool and very interesting and, under appropriate guidance from a shaman/teacher from that tradition, likely very liberating and powerful. Again, yet another path up the Mountain but certainly not the only one. The kabalists, taoists, hindus, and incas also have various meaningful practices for this “window” and they are all useful and enlightening in many ways. Nobody is “right” as they are all “right” coming from their cultural and psychological perspectives. For seekers in the Western world, it is really easy to throw in our lots with one or another because we find “gold” there but just because that’s where we landed, it doesn’t mean that’s THE path. Life itself is the path and it has infinite roads to awakening.Curious- what are the “scared grandfather rocks”? Can you send a link?Thanks again!

  • Taigabrook

    Thanks for the article. Maybe Kelvindewolfe meant sacred grandfather Clocks? Still not sure what that means though. Peace.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! Yeah- not sure what he meant either. There’s lots of stuff out there and much of it is valuable. Just getting into the game is a challenge we have with most people though…your average Joe doesn’t even realize that there’s a grand magical universe to explore…just caught up in the drudgery of “life” as they’ve been told to live it.

    Peace :)

  • CorbinK

    I can understand why this makes sense. One question I face is that the solstices differ in the northern and southern hemisphere. This coming winter solistice for me will be followed soon after to a shift to South America where summer will be in play. What are the energetic implications around that, and do you have any advice or suggestions on how to ground and ride diametrically opposite energies within a flash? How to set intentions during the solstice and the days coming, followed by being immersed maximally in yang energy, if that interpretation is correct? 

  • naia

     a very nice way of reminding what to expect in the upcoming days! i was about to post it on my FB and send it to some friends as a mail till i saw the last line..”Take 2 hours to shop on for your holiday gifts”  What would i write instead? “Try to spend some quality time at home with your family and take the time to make some handmade gifts/cards or homemade pies for your beloved ones..”

  • Anonymous

    Very good question. It is exactly the opposite- just flip the poles. You’d treat it like we treat the Summer Solstice here in the North. Essentially YANG is at its fullest expression for you and the YIN energy will slowly emerge and come back into a dominant expression into the next down cycle. So what does this mean psychologically? Well, I’d get done all the pet projects the remain on the “to-do” list and fulfill any actionable items. Go into that day knowing that, from then on, you are going to pull in and withdraw your outward energy for a while…all subtle of course. Think of yourself like a tree- at the height of full expression you then begin to slowly withdraw leading into the autumn where you shed the leaves and peripheral “items”- letting them fall and become fertilizer for next cycle’s growth. This leads to your eventual stance as just tree and roots in the winter- the essential core of Who you are. Therefore, it becomes a process of trimming and consolidation- letting go of that which doesn’t serve you and learning about your true essence in the process. We die everyday and are a new person the next. Use this process to let go of all the nonsense that no longer serves you and keep drilling inward in your inquiry to know your True Self better…this way, with every cycle we get clearer, more focused, less complicated, and closer to our true Nature (or Divine Nature depending on how you look at it). 

  • Anonymous

    I happen to agree with you 100% but generally know that my patients are going to buy all that crap anyways :( 

    My stance- why shop down forests for Xmas tress in the name of Jesus? I’m sure he’d be appalled… All the stuff? That’s what’s leading to the world’s demise in many ways. We don’t really need more stuff but feel obliged to buy crap for each-other. I like your idea. 

    Personally, here’s an item I’ve gotten people this year: Never buy another disposable water bottle again- takes tap water and lets you do the work by sucking it up through a filter via the straw- genius. Now that’s an item worth gifting.What I’ve done for years is buy people Ebooks- knowledge without killing trees- win/win. Now, I also really like this: University-grade classes- download straight to your phone and spend your time LEARNING what’s up instead of getting fed nonsense to think by the media.I like supporting companies that do great work and are environmentally “correct”. I highly suggest a stance like this for the holidays for people who must gift. Of course, getting creative and making people gifts is the gold standard- imbued with love and personal, @255ebdc6ad67d9f116f03596887e2a74:disqus I take my hat off to you :)

  • buttercup

    I absolutely love this. However it bothers me that for a such a detailed explanation, with a graph and all, it is so America Centric that it forgets that while in the northern hemisphere we are experiencing Yin (longest night) in the southern hemisphere they are experiencing Yang (longest day). The article repeated states our “planet” is experiencing Yin. The idea is good, but if they are going to get scientific to explain it they should get their science right.

  • Anonymous

    You are 100% right buttercup. I’ve gotten a bit more “globally minded” in it by inserting a hemispheric clause to clarify. I don’t to tweak the post too much but it is important to be accurate. Guilty as charged. I live in the Northern Hemisphere and am unaccustomed to speaking to audiences down south although Cape Town is one of my favorite towns :)

    The tilt of the Earth leads to this phenomena along with many other things. I’ve attached a simple image for people to see here as well.Thanks for the input. Now I’m going back to relaxing for the rest of the weekend!

  • Sbetzen

    Great Article… however the date for solstice this year is December 22nd. Most of the time the 21st would be correct… but not this year. This does not change that I enjoyed this article

  • Anonymous

    Very true- technically it is at 5:30 am (UTC) but, for practical purposes, most people go to bed (the 21st) with certain intentions and wake up into the new cycle. So, if you go to bed and set your intentions for the rising Yang energy that is emerging, you rise on that wave the next morning. I’m personally up early anyhow and get up and do a little ritual but that’s not for most people. I heartily encourage people to look more into this and become more acquainted with the natural cycles we’ve gotten so separated from. Here’s a link to the actual time and a bit more about the Solstice-

  • Susanakornacki

    Excellent!!!! Thank you!

  • AR

    Ah bummed you are promoting in this article, instead of promoting “shop local, made in USA”. The rest was good info though. :)

  • Anonymous

    Never heard of that but its a great idea. The point was to get people to re prioritize time and life here…but YES….buy local and help bring jobs home is a wonderful movement and, frankly, relying on politicians to fix anything is crazy at this point. We need to take the initiative and help make the world thrive in the right way.

    Thanks for the input. 

  • Petitelama

    ok, this is so perfect….i just made up my own thoughts about this on my own blog and then found this here.  absolutely love the clear energetic description of what is going on

  • Joe Farmerson

    The start of my gong is going terribly. I fell off the roof this morning and am waiting to go into surgery for my ankle. I guess my gong items will need some tweaking. Wish me luck.

  • Well.Org

    No!!!! Bummer.